oh, hey there

i’m shannon, your new design friend.

I am a creative maker currently living in Southern Maine. I love art… I dabble in all mediums, but have a passion for design. My professional design experience includes: print design, custom graphics, logo creation, data visualization, web design, and illustration. My background in psychology and education allows me to see design from many perspectives and motivates me to use design to amplify the good in this world.

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my story

how it all began

I have been drawn to the art field since I was a child, practicing my hundreds of different fonts and doodling in my sketchbook from the moment I could hold a pencil. I find design, graphic design in particular, to be very powerful. I love getting the opportunity to tell a story through images, lines and color.

I studied Studio Art, Psychology and Education at Clark University, in Worcester, MA. After working on newspapers and magazines, I became more and more attached to print/layout design. In 2019 I joined the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) as a Layout Designer. I get to practice my design problem solving skills everyday as I layout reports and white papers, as well as create informational charts and infographics.

I also do freelance design work on the side. I have designed for multiple local (& winning!) political campaigns. I love building brands and helping clients create a strong, consistent online presence. Outside of the world of graphic design, you can catch me creating for friends, family, or my dog. I love to sew, paint, draw, and tend to my many plants at home.

get to know me

Forever On Repeat

the wild reeds

I’d spend all my money on

plants + fabric

my idea of self-care

tea + yoga

FAVORITE travels

lisbon, portugal

My Favorite TV Show

schitt’s creek

My Happy Place IS

in the woods

Favorite Hobby

anything in my studio

My Favorite season IS


Favorite Color Combo

rust + seafoam

I Can’t Live Without

my dogs